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  1. I'll have it added. I think the monitor is rate limiting it, there is no way the remote can do it. So what I did was altered the code. TLDR Version: NEC codes send a repeat pulse. I removed the repeat pulse and increased the time between packets. So rather than the monitor thinking you are holding the button, it thinks you are pressing the button multiple times while holding it down. Long Version: I put the pronto code in IR Scrutinizer: The second pulse at the end in NEC codes is a 'repeat' pulse. To save power, rather than turning on the LED for the entire code again, they do that small 'bloop' at the end. This says to the device, 'repeat what you last got' as long as it's within a 40ms. This small two pulse signal will continue while you hold the button down, and the remote never sends the original longer packet until you press the button again. So I converted this into raw timings in ir scrutinizer: You can see the second frame on the end [+8967,-2235,+552,-96111][] This is a positive pulse of 9 ms, negative pulse of 2.2ms, positive of 0.500ms, and a negative of 96ms. The 96 ms is the time between this pulse, and what will become the next repeat pulse. I removed this and increased the last negative number on the list so it was much greater than 50ms. Remember, the last number says, what is the time between 'packets'. By increasing this enough, we can trick the device into thinking you are lifting up the button and pressing it again. So here is the result Note, the last negative number is now -140ms. And back to pronto:
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