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  1. I'm sorry, it's been increasing You are awesome and completely validated. I'm really sorry. It's been really rough. I'm working with a huge supplier and I'm lucky they are working with me, but I'm at their mercy. Dates are meaningless to them. I get promised a date, we go past it, they claim there is a problem, we solve it, then it's something else, like a defect in a part made, we solve it. I'm shipping again, I started two weeks ago. They should have sent all 3,500 at once, but they are a bunch of fuckheads and I'm getting them in small batches. I'm sending the same day they come out, and I have shipped 300 since this started a couple of days ago. I'm being promised another 2,000 will be ready to ship to me on Tuesday. I believe they will this time because they were waiting on USB cables they forgot to order, and I know they have them from the supplier because I escalated directly with them. Last shipment was received in about 4-5 days. They got the cables, they have them in the boxes, and we have a pick up scheduled. But I've held my breath before. Since starting, I've shipped close to 2,000 units (yup, me). Once I get the rest, every single pre-order should ship and I should have no more stock issues. I'll have help, and it should take about two days to ship them all out. The last thing I said to my CM who's managing the schedule was: "I have broken the trust and confidence of my customers. I have never done this or had this happen with a supplier." She had no response. I'll never do this again. I'll have units in hand prior to selling. It's the worst feeling watching someone pull the rug out from underneath you. Lesson learned. But, their quality assurance has been by far the best of any supplier I've ever worked with. Usually, I get angry because they fuck something up. So far everything has been very well received. Will be back by tuesday to confirm shipment. Grateful for the support along with the criticism. Well deserved.
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