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Super pleased with my Flirc, Fire TV, and Harmony!

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I've been looking for a one remote solution for my Home Theater for a while. I was pleased to discover Flirc and the many glowing reviews and testimonials using it with Fire TV. I have a basic HT system consisting of a Sony receiver, Westinghouse TV and Fire TV.... so obviously I couldn't use just one remote. I really haven't seen any post about using Flirc with an older Harmony like mine, the Harmony 659.. However my experience has been flawless. It has been out of the box perfect. Everything works for me, no issues between my first gen Fire TV and my Flirc paired with my Harmony. All commands work perfectly in the native interface, Netflix/apps, and Kodi. Best $23 USD I have spent on my HT in as long as I can remember. Just wanted to thank the developers for all their hard work. And shoutout to any old school Harmony survivors like myself. Still working perfectly after a good decade+. Even have GF approval (basically WAF), it Just Works!

Edit: Sorry if this is in the incorrect section, but didn't have any questions or issues, just wanted to give thanks.

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I just want to say thank you for taking the time to post a message here. It's just me here, and it's really been tough these past two months solving issues and handling the volume of work. Most people write in when it's broken or they are frustrated, not when they are happy. So all I see is the bad. Most of the users, I don't get an opportunity to help, so I'm left sleepless concerned over an issue that may or may not be wide spread.

Thank you again for the kind note, the support, which fuels encouragement. It goes farther than most people ever realize.

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