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dandirk setup

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DIY mini-theater room...

58" Panasonic Plasma TV

5.1 surround, powered by Denon 1610

URC MX-810 RF universal remote, fully automating all video and audio inputs per device.

Integrated devices:

1. Dish Satellite service with DVR

2. PS3, controlled by either MX-810 remote for videos/netflix/hulu or standard PS3 controller for games.

3. HTPC running XBMC with 500+ movies and TV series (6.5+TB unRAID server back end)


The Brains

Below are shots of the "closet" on the other side of the wall from the TV. Yes yes I know I have some spring cleaning to do, but it works very well.



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Incredible. What an awesome setup. Surely something everyone dreams to achieve one day.

Thanks for sharing.

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