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  1. Just wanted to update this thread in case others see the same thing. Just as Chris has described, once plugged in, the FLIRC GUI/Training app did not lock up KB/Mouse (launch after plugging in FLIRC).
  2. Well what do you know... when you click to learn the button it lists the button name aka like "info"... Though some get cut off, maybe scale the text size or allow for the window to be sized larger???
  3. It would be nice to have a tool tip balloon or area with name/title + details (like which corresponding keyboard button) for each button on the learning app. While the KB controller is self-explanatory, some of the icons for XBMC etc are not as obvious (well at least to me).
  4. Haven't received by FLIRC yet, just wanted to check the software out. Is it normal for the flirc software to disable keyboard and mouse when launched (obviously without flirc plugged in)? With 0.97, when I launch the GUI, keyboard and mouse lock up and are unresponsive (even lights on KB don't toggle with caps lock etc), I have to force power down via case button. Now my setup is a bit unique, not many use hardware KVMs. So the KVM could be the issue... OS: Win7 64bit KB: MS Natural ergo USB KB (no software installed) Mouse: Logitech G5 (no software installed) KVM: ATEN CubiQ (dual DVI monitor/USB supports 2 computer switching)
  5. Thanks for the pics... Looks like it could be fine, the IR receiver seems obviously placed near the end (non-usb end). The end looks like it is probably thick enough to attach an emitter, the logo looks to be well out of the way.
  6. Just wondering, bought the FLIRC mostly because its a cool idea/device and I like to support cool ideas/devices. Even though my current remote solution works well, I can see the ease of having a programmable receiver that has such broad applications. Wondering, is the IR receiver on FLIRC large/flat enough to attach an IR emitter? They are generally the size of an end of a pencil/pen (1/8-1/4 inch maybe???) and suck on with double sided tape. Just for reference I use an RF remote which sends RF signals that go to an RF receiver (through walls and such). The RF receiver has multiple corded IR emitters, each going to an IR device (TV, Stereo, etc). The RF receiver, converts the signal to IR and sends it through to all emitters (It can be programmed to send signals to specific emitters but I am lazy:). The emitters then essentially mimic a remote by sending IR signal to the device.
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    DIY mini-theater room... 58" Panasonic Plasma TV 5.1 surround, powered by Denon 1610 URC MX-810 RF universal remote, fully automating all video and audio inputs per device. Integrated devices: 1. Dish Satellite service with DVR 2. PS3, controlled by either MX-810 remote for videos/netflix/hulu or standard PS3 controller for games. 3. HTPC running XBMC with 500+ movies and TV series (6.5+TB unRAID server back end) The Brains Below are shots of the "closet" on the other side of the wall from the TV. Yes yes I know I have some spring cleaning to do, but it works very well.
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