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  1. Hello, thanks for moving the topic. I attached the config window for the harmony TV setting. I uese HDMI 2, but same is on other inputs like HDMI 3. When i only start an action with HDMI switch, the log has this result, if this helps: Sa Jan 9 2021 23:51:19 Flirc GUI Version v3.25.3 Operating System: Windows :e:35859 0,4550,4449,588,1620,589,1619,589,1620,588,484,588,484,589,483,589,483,589,483,589,1615,593,1615,593,1615,594,483,589,479,593,480,592,479,593,479,593,1615,593,479,567,505,567,1642,588,1620,589,483,589,484,601,1607,589,483,589,1619,589,1620,588,48
  2. Hello, when i switch the HDMI input via Logitech Harmony Companion, this sends 2x key_up to flirc. It is on every HDMI input. The Harmony and Flirc is set to Kodi control set. Is there anything i can do to prevent this? TV is a Samsung UE65RU7179. Before Flirc i had a WMC IR receiver, which never received any signal on TV input change. Regards, Andreas
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