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  1. I'm hoping to use the Flirc so that a family member who is not comfortable with change can continue using the simple generic remote control they are used to ("GE Big Button" - 33701). I'm not trying to map all of the TiVo controls just a few select items. I've managed to get channel up/down mapped to "Page up" / "Page down" which mimics those buttons for them. But I'm missing is the volume controls. I haven't been able to find a button combination that controls volume so far. I saw that Flirc can apparently transmit IR codes as well as receive them but I have not been able to figure out how that works. I have the existing TV control so I have been able to see the IR pattern for those buttons on the original TV remote. If I could figure out how to map that original IR pattern to the appropriate volume up/down/mute buttons that would be awesome. Or if anyone could give me some suggestions for keyboard combinations that might be worth trying? I even tried plugging a USB keyboard in and tried a lot of different keys with no luck. The only other option I can think of is to get a remote that can learn IR commands and teach it the TV volume command and then use the Flirc for commands that need to go through the TiVo Stream. That may be the direction I have to go with if I can't figure out a way for the Flirc to control volume either through the Stream or by relaying the IR code. I'd rather stick with the remote they know. Appreciate any suggestions.
  2. I'm interested in this as well. Especially the volume controls. Has anyone figured out what keyboard press if any controls volume on the TiVo Stream? I'm setting up a universal remote for a family member who is not comfortable with change. Once they are in the right app, they only need channel up/down which works with page up page down from the full keyboard. But I've yet to hit on a key that will handle volume.
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