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  1. My issue with Flirc (Metal) Version 2 was not having this device work in a front usb 2.0 or 3.0 port. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit would not recognize nor connect via gui when inserted into my front usb ports. When I used an usb extension cable and used the motherboard usb 2.0 or 3.0 ports it worked as advertised.
  2. Okay give me a couple of seconds. Chris
  3. Metal FLIRC USB Version purchased from Amazon.com. Completely removed all drivers and software FLIRC related from Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Plugged FLIRC USB into multiple USB ports no drivers needed per post. Results: SAME AS PREVIOUS
  4. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit FLIRC GUI Disconnected / Disconnected (Not Responding) Latest version of Flirc.exe as of 07/15/2017. Flirc USB Version 2 (metal). Thanks for your help flirc_log.txt
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