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  1. I say this as politely as possible, and I do recognize that the question is answered... but: 1. When your product box includes no instructions or even a web link to download the software, something is wrong. 2. When the software AND website offer no indication that the new version has any feature differences, something is wrong. 3. When the new version of product exhibits the exact same issues as a previous version and has no fixes EVEN THOUGH THE PREVIOUS VERSION DOES, something is wrong. 4. When the company responds that the new algorithm "definitely needs some tweaks", something is wrong. 5
  2. I just posted a general question about this. I'm finding the Flirc to be a less-than-wonderful user experience. I use Simple Control to automate a bunch of equipment in several rooms and need the Flirc to cope with the stupidity that is Android TV/Shield TV (the only decent Plex 4k experience until Apple wakes up). The Flirc randomly generates input when wrapped up in electrical tape (with a sweatshirt on it for good measure) and I have yet to find a single remote control to use for inputs that doesn't have the "sticky key" problem. In short, it is completely unusable. I initiated a return
  3. After some very unsuccessful attempts to set up the FLIRC with an Shield TV (for Plex in 4k), I found the information about the "Advanced Settings." Unfortunately, these settings are completely unchangeable (OS X Sierra, latest version). The window appears and I can click absolutely nothing. I've rebooted and done just about everything I can think of to actually get the checkboxes or the dropdown to function. They do not. They don't appear to be registering any clicks at all. Help? Or is it time to give up?
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