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  1. Hello! I was unable to program a working power on button with my Flirc-SE. Using latest Windows 10 and Flirc GUI the software gave me the thumbs up and the button was bound because i was unable to assign it a second time, but pressing the button did not start the pc. After i changed the OS to LibreElec (latest stable Kodi 16.1) i installed the XBMC Flirc addon 1.0.3 and again, thumbs up after i programmed a second power on button but the PC did not boot using it. I did resolve this problem by using the flirc_cli still running LibreElec, did program a 3rd power on button with it and (only) this
  2. Update: I was abel to resolve all the problems above by using flirc_cli (Linux). For some unknown reason only the cli version was able to program the power (on) button successfully.
  3. Hey guys! Are there known bugs to the Flirc-SE (Streacom Edition)? Windows 10: Unable to shutdown or boot the PC (Kodi 16.1) Linux (LibreELEC LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.2.img): Unable to shut down or boot the PC + Flirc-SE is now totally locked after i pressed the power-off button unresponsive because the up, down, left, right and select (enter) button got deleted, does not take any more commands by the remote even after power off, reboot ... There is USB power on the Flirc-SE, cables are correct connected, updated latest firmware in Windows 10. Is this a known behavior or is my hardware dam
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