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  1. Hi tommy, I'd guess you didn't record the power button yet (?) To do that, you need to run command prompt, navigate to the folder where you have your flirc installed and run "flirc_util.exe record power" - and press power button on your remote. let me know if it works
  2. update: SOLVED My monitor is back, they were not able to fix it and it's no longer on the market, so i received newer model - and my issue is gone. Now we won't be able to figure out if it was because that monitor was broken, or FLIRC does not like HP ZR30w. Anyhow - it works perfectly with HP Z30i. to mods: may i ask you to add "solved" to the topic name ? :)
  3. update: I've narrowed it down to the screen comming out of standby. Specificaly when backlight is dimmed. Now that I have completely silent PC, I've noticed that the screen is faintly buzzing when backlight is anything but maxed out. So I tested it thoroughly with maxed backlight and viola - flirc is responding reliably even when i wake up the screen. I've RMA'd the screen...so lets wait if they will be able to fix the buzzing and if it helps the flirc issue. Fingers crossed.
  4. update: I've installed it to another PC connected to the same screen - same behavior. After boot or after waking the screen FLIRC gets stuck for few minutes. Keyboard and mouse work fine. I does not happen every time, but frequently enough to drive you crazy. When it stops responding: - rebooting flirc via flirc_util.exe reboot command does not help - if i try to record key via GUI, it records some random stuff immediately - if i reboot the PC, it starts working OK
  5. Hey Budwizer, what is that qwerty remote in your first post? Were you able to program the qwerty part of it? I bought VU+ qwerty remote and cannot program the qwerty side, flirc is completely confused and cannot distinguish those keys one from the other....
  6. I have very similar issue, my FLIRC-SE stops responding to signals when I leave it idle with monitor sleeping. When I press button on remote it responds to first signal and immediately becomes non reasponsive for several minutes. After that it works flawlessly until I leave it idle again with monitor sleeping. I've made sure that windows or bios cannot suspend USB or cut power to it, nothing helped...
  7. My FLIRC-SE sometimes does not respond after I start computer - even if i turned it on by remote. It just ignores any button presses for few minutes, then magicaly starts responding and works fine. Then if i dont use it for few hours and press any button, it responds to it and immediately lockes up again, staying non responsive for few minutes. Its win 7 machine, FLIRC-SE, firmware 3.6. USB selective suspend is disabled. Motherboard is suplying it with power in S5. Im starting to be a bit crazy over here, because i love the product - it just seems very unreliable. Any help would be very appreciated...
  8. Hi, first off let me say that i love the idea of FLIRC, however i have some issues. Each time i run GUI, it asks me if i want to upgrade firmware. If I answer yes, it upgrades, everything works, but next time i launch GUI, it asks me again. If I answer no, GUI starts but shows FLIRC as disconnected. FLIRC responds to key-presses however, even though GUI says it's disconnected. I have FLIRC-SE, firmware 3.7 and GUI 1.3.7. Drivers are freshly installed via ZADIG utility. Thank you for any ideas
  9. i had similar behaviour with "sequence modifiers" turned on
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