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  1. I have the same issue. When you assign a key to the button on your remote, will it let you assign the same key to the same button on the remote again or will it say the key is already assigned? Mine lets me keep reassigning the same key (I've made another thread about this)
  2. My Flirc has had issues with just not working for hours/days/weeks at a time before starting to work again. Problem is not the remote as I've tried many remotes and not the PC as I've tried several PCs. Programming the Flirc on the computer when it's malfunctioning let's me re-record the same button on the remote as many times as I want. Using flirc_util, I can see that each time I program the same button, it stores a different hash. In other words, Flirc is recording gibberish when it sees an IR signal. When it's not malfunctioning everything works great, I can record just fine and I can control my computer just fine, except for the occasional repeating button press (for example hitting pause sends pause-play-pause-play-pause-play again and again until I hit the button again to make it stop). Then suddenly it'll stop working again for a long time. There's no rhyme or reason. When it does work, I can transfer the Flirc between computers and it works on the other ones. When it doesn't work, it doesn't work on other PCs. It has a mind of its own. Anyone encounter this? At first I thought it's a software issue and months ago Jason helped me downgrade firmware but that didn't seem to fix it, just seemed fine for a while because the flirc goes through phases of working and not working. I've tried to contact Jason/support again since, and there's been no response unfortunately.
  3. This is more of a Windows question than a FLIRC question but hopefully someone on here knows. I'm on Windows 8.1 Is there any way to be able to pause/play music or select the next/previous track while the computer is on the lock screen? Volume with the remote works fine, but media controls do not.
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