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  1. Flirc was working very well with my old Flirc firmware on my RaspBMC. I saw the new firmware and updated, then remapped my remote control buttons (on my Windows laptop) but now when I plug the Flirc USB into my RaspBMC nothing on the remote works. I've tried rebooting RaspBMC with no luck. And if I plug the Flirc back into my Windows Laptop I can see the remote buttons work. Do I need to try the old firmware again?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I get this: -bash: flirc_util: command not found Does it matter that I setup my Flirc on my Windows laptop and then plugged it into my Raspbmc?
  3. Hello, I have Flirc running firmware 2.4, Harmony Ultimate remote, and RaspBMC. When I first installed Flirc it worked great for a couple of weeks or so. Then I started getting the repeating keys issue and every button press would result in to two. I searched the forums and found a lot of things to try such as modifying the remote to use Repeat = 0, changing the delays, etc. But after I tried changing it now nothing works. My remote keys still work in the Flirc configuration program (for example when I press up on the remote the up button the lights up in the configuration progrm). But now my raspbmc doesn't seem to recognize any remote key presses at all. Is there something I can do on the raspbmc command line to remove the flirc and start again?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I get button already exists, but nothing works when I try it. I have profiles disabled and am trying to use the full keyboard controller
  5. Thank you for the reply, however the only download link on the page for firmware give a page not found error. Is there another way I can get a copy of firmware earlier than 2.4?
  6. I just got my flirc and it came with firmware 2.0. My remote is the Harmony Ultimate and while I could record my remote buttons I was having trouble as it seemed the direction arrow up and direction arrow right were sending the same command. I upgraded my flirc firmware to 2.4 and cleared the configuration to start again and now I cannot record any remote commands at all. Can I revert to an earlier firmware?
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