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  1. I'm sorry to say that you can add me to this list. I too have a Flirc / OUYA / Harmony remote configuration. For a while the Flirc kept dying on me and I would plug it into my Mac with the GUI - it would say 'bootloader detected' and then put the firmware on it. I would restore my settings and it would work again for another week or so. But now, although the GUI will report that the Flirc has Firmware 3.1 on it, I am unable to get the Flirc to receive any signals. When I try to make any changes in the advanced menu or force a firmware upgrade, the GUI either hangs with the 'Please wait firmware upgrading' message or it says 'Firmware upgrade failed. Contact support.' I sent a message to Support with the 'Contact us' page on the site. I hope someone gets back to us about this!
  2. I don't think anyone would call it 'user friendly' but its really not that hard. Get yourself a free Dropbox account if you don't already have one. I used the files from Peter Franssen's guide, but I'm sure those in this thread would work equally well. Get all the files (the Flirc "Vendor_20a0_Product_0001.kl" file from earlier in this thread and the apps - RootMyOUYA, ES File Explorer, Dropbox app, SPMC, XBMC and any other apps you want) files you need together and have them upload to your Dropbox account. From the main OUYA menu go down to Make>Software and open the Browser and go to www.dropbox.com log into your dropbox account and start downloading the apps you want Once they are downloaded go back to the main menu. System>Storage and go down to your download folder and open it. Inside you should see your downloaded files. When you open each apk you will be asked to click Install. Once they are installed go back to Main Menu>Make>Software and open RootMyOUYA - click Root on the following screen and you're rooted. ***now make sure your TV or display is set to show all the pixels - Full Pixel Mode or something like that. ***This is important because the in the ES File Explorer app important functions are located at the very top and bottom of the screen! Go back and open the ESFile app. Using the touchpad or a mouse go to Tools>Root Explorer>Mount RW. Then select your System and make it RW (Readable and Writable) - this will allow you to move the file you need into the OUYA system folder. Using the touchpad on your controller (or a mouse) navigate to the "Vendor_20a0_Product_0001.kl" file in your download folder, hold down the O button on your controller and then select 'Copy'. Now navigate back to where you're going to put the "Vendor_20a0_Product_0001.kl" file - system/usr/keylayout - then select 'Paste' at the bottom of the screen. In addition you could also grab the joystick.xml from the end of Peter Franssen's great guide to getting his Apple remote to work with Flirc and the OUYA. Use the same method above to copy it into the right location in the XBMC/SPMC folder on your OUYA. If you have a USB stick handy you might just be able to put all the files on that and then just use Dropbox for the ESFile app - once ESFile is installed you can use it to open and install the rest of the apks from your USB stick. Personally for ease of use later I installed the Dropbox app and now use it to access the files i have in my Dropbox account - much more convenient than using the browser. I really hope that helps you guys, please 'Like' this post if it did.
  3. Hey Jason, I set up an external drive running 10.7.5 and booted from that. Installed 1.2.2 and it worked perfectly. I wanted to try out the newer firmware 2.3 and the inter-key delay settings for my Harmony remote (which is still double pressing a lot!) Now when I go back to running 10.6.8 + Flirc v2.3 with the older 0.98 GUI is gets stuck in DFU mode. Is that normal - is it possible to program a Flirc with v2.3 firmware using the older GUI v0.98? Thanks for your help!
  4. I managed to get my Harmony remote working with Flirc (v1.2) and the OUYA by following the guide above. When controlling XBMC I don't seem to be able to assign the play, stop, pause, FF, REW etc buttons to anything. I've tried assigning them to the F3,F5,F6 etc as laid out in the .kl file and also using the XBMC layout in the Flirc app - but neither has any effect in XBMC. :huh: Can anyone enlighten me - it must be possible, I'm sure I must be missing something simple! *update* so I finally figured this out on my own (maybe everyone else just assumed I would!) the solution, for me, lay in assigning the remaining remote buttons to the default XBMC keymap. A useful way to check this was to plug a USB keyboard into the OUYA and check that the keys operated the way I expected them to. Here are the main ones, to save you the trouble of looking: Context menu [C] < if you've been following the guide above this is already assigned to OUYA button Y> Fullscreen mode (TAB) Previous menu of Homescreen (ESC) <should already be assigned to OUYA button A> Fast forward (F) Rewind [R] Play (P) Stop (X) Pause/Play (SPACE) Skip forward (. period) Skip backward (, comma) Info (I) <I had already assigned this to the short press of the OUYA menu button> Jump to the top of the menu (Home) Volume down (- minus) <not sure that volume works on OUYA> Volume up (+ plus) Anyway, I hope that helps someone else - click the "Like" button just below here if it does.
  5. Jason, I'm so sorry I haven't had a chance to test this out recently. I downloaded the latest version from the site but I'm still getting a crash on launch of the Flirc app v1.1.5 If I return to version 0.98 it works fine. I'm running 10.6.8 32bit on an intel Macbook Pro A window appears saying "Flirc has unexpectedly quit" the details of the crash log are at the link below. http://pastebin.com/J6XFLZGY I really hope that helps. Does the Flirc unit need to be plugged in on boot (I always plug it in after)?
  6. If I do that I just get 'Illegal instruction' :huh:
  7. Hey Jason, I tried pasting what you put above into Terminal but it didn't work - I just got 'No such file or directory' returned I'm not familiar with Unix commands but Googled this command 'open -a /Applications/Flirc.app/Contents/MacOS/Flirc' and used that instead I'm afraid I got the same looking log come up in a window titled 'Flirc quit unexpectedly' The log is at the following link http://pastebin.com/FktWuX42
  8. Sorry to report I get the exact same behavior - crash on launch of the app. I downloaded the 1.0.4 version from the site too - just in case it was an issue with the update process. Crash log at link below http://pastebin.com/R0iHEAGi
  9. Hey Jason, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I'm afraid it still does the same thing :-( Here is a copy of the crash log that pops up, if that helps. http://pastebin.com/y7sFFwvm Nice one on updating the download page to show the previous working version though!
  10. I opened up my Flirc app today & got an alert saying there was an upgrade to the app. I clicked to download and upgrade. The process finished & I got a dialog saying 'Upgrade and relaunch' or something like that. Then the OSX crash log appeared, I tried reopening but it did the same thing. I thought it must have been a bad download, so I went to the website & downloaded the OSX dmg image from there. Same result. :o I looked around on the site to see if I could find a download area where I could get the previous version - but I couldn't find it anywhere. A link to 'previous versions' from the downloads page would've been nice!! :rolleyes: Fortunately I found that I still had my old 0.98 version in my downloads folder, so I reinstalled that and can program my remote now. I'm using OSX 10.6.8 64bit (I tried opening the Flirc app as 32bit but it had the same result)
  11. Hey JAC, I'm trying to set up my Harmony 688 and have most of the buttons working in XBMC using the OPs .kl file but the OUYA GUI is not working properly. Wondering if you could share your keyboard layout (.kl) file so I could see if it'll work for my Harmony remote. Are you using the Flirc profile on the Harmony software or one of the other TV options? Thanks in advance, Loop
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