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  1. Well, after 2 days with v3.1 firmware (sleep detection still on) everything works so far ok. I have cleared configuration on flirc, synced once again Logitech Harmony hub and did full restart on OUYA just to be sure. We will see in few days but there is an improvement already in my case
  2. I have thought initially this is a hardware issue, however it appears not as replacement Flirc shows same issues. I have now uploaded v3.1 firmware and will test it with sleep detection on/off settings.
  3. OK, I will add another piece of information. Two times already Flirc came back to life, started working flawlessly then stopped again. No changes to configuration in between, no restarting of components (Ouya, harmony hub etc.). Same problems apply when plugging into PC, one time it is recognized the other it is not...
  4. Hi, I have been using Flirc for last half a year and I love it - great piece of tech. I am using it control XBMC with the Harmony remote, XBMC being installed on Ouya. Few weeks ago Flirc unfortunately stopped working. Harmony profile is setup as it was, no other changes were made, I can control everything, just not my XBMC. I upgraded firmware to 3.0b9, Windows software to 1.2.7, no changes. Windows recognizes Flirc, I can upgrade firmware, but after instering into the Ouya remote is not working. Any ideas what might have happened and how should I fix it? Appreciate any help :)
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