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FLIRC and Windows 2008 R2


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Hi All,


I'm a newbie here and am thinking of buying a Flirc to replace the rubbish Antec Veris EZ multimedia station IR receiver I am currently using with my HP microserver HTPC, XBMC and Harmony 900. The microserver runs Windows 2008 R2 x64 and I was wondering whether I would have any issues running Flirc and receiving support on this setup.


I would also love to hear the experiences of anyone who uses Flirc with this setup and what settings are the best to get started with my Harmony 900 (I am currently using IMON which detects the harmony as a MCE remote).


Thanks in advance for any help/advice.



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Hi dilpz213, sorry for the slow response,


Flirc appears as a USB keyboard. If a USB keyboard works then flirc will too.


You may need to do the once-only programming on another computer but once programmed it will work in anything that can work with a USB keyboard

Maybe this video will help:

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Hi Chris,


Just to let you know I ordered the Flirc. After a FW update and using the harmony profile along with some soft buttons that I programmed for my Harmony 900 I can say that I am very impressed. No more rebooting the server after commands were no longer received like I used to have with the old Antec Veris IR receiver and IMON that I used. FANTASTIC!

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