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XBMC controller Issues [BUG and FEATURE suggestions]


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Just received my Flircs and starting to program them.

Have some issues:

1 the right arrow key does not do anything

2 Mute button brings up Info or OSD depending on where in XBMC I am

3. Parent Directory button acts as Back, Back button goes to home screen

4. power button does nothing

5 OSD button does nothing.

Have reprogrammed the unit twice with the same results

Am using the recommended Panasonic TV on a Harmony 525

All the keys work as expected from the keyboard.

Is there a reason the Contect menu is not included in the XBMC controller?

WHich key is the Flirc using for Mute as it is not listed on the XBMC wiki keyboard list

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All the keys work as expected from the keyboard.

Good to hear. Then I assume, like you, that the XBMC pre-set on FLIRC has a few bugs in it.

I'm gonna move this thread to feature suggestions so Jason can track it a bit better.

(If you want it moved back to here (general questions) - just let me know)

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Just to reiterate:

The XBMC preset in FLIRC GUI should correspond to this list:


(Some of them appear not to - haven't tested this myself yet)

and key functions (relatively) fundamental to XBMC that are missing include:

Home menu = ESC (I think back and previous directory are both mapped to backspace, perhaps merge those two and create a home menu button)

Context menu = C

Also I think the "skip track" buttons (second row down at the very right) should be mapped to [ and ] to skip chapters (waiting on results from tis thread though: )

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Dont mind the move, pseudo.

Have now resorted to using the Full Keyboard controller to get around some of the issues.

However there is NO backspace key (somewhat fundamental)? So with the XBMC controller I get "back" but no "context menu" and with the full keyboard I cannot get the "back" function but can program the context menu.

It is a little unclear to me what the "parent Directory" button on the XBMC controller is supposed to be - first I assumed it was the Home button, but it acts like the "back" function when in files lists.

Is it possible to program some functions with XBMC controller and then switch to the full keyboard and add some others, or visa versa? And then will "Save configuration' save both sets of keys?

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hmm. Whilst that is technically true it could cause issues when you program on a mac then plug it in to a non-mac computer.

Personally, whilst I am a mac user, I find it a bit silly that it is called delete when it functions as backspace.

Alternatively it could have a symbol instead of saying delete or back space which could be a compromise to this discrepancy between platforms.

As always it's Jason's choice.



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