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  1. Chris, Any word on the new version you mentioned last month? I skimmed over the forums but I don't see any progress with the beta firmware. I'd like to put the other two Flircs I bought to use.
  2. I'd settle for a configurable delay even if it was a settings text/xml/plist file that had to be edited externally. I understand the desire to make it elegant but given the pace of development, quick and dirty is preferable for me. I purchased three of the flircs, but really only use one because of the quirks and wife-acceptance-factor.
  3. @Jason For my own information, isn't the flirc effectively an USB keyboard to the computer? Unless it's sending a keystroke other than what was intended or sending repeatedly, I'm having a hard time figuring how it causes the issue. Is there some other functionality that I'm unaware of? I test my setups using a text editor. I'm assuming flirc has no app/state information and therefore does not provide different inputs based on the active app (again just an USB keyboard that is programmed to accept IR inputs and provide USB keyboard outputs to the computer). Am I missing something? I ask because I'm still new to flirc and that's the mental model I use in troubleshooting.
  4. A suggestion for the interface: The Mac version should label the GUI button "Delete" instead of "Backspace" as that's the platform standard. The other platforms GUI apps should use the "Backspace" label for the key.
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