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Can Oppo-93 Functions & Pioneer receiver Volume Control Be Combined?


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This is my first Flirc post, so apologies in advance.


I'm planning to use Flirc to combine the functions of my Oppo BDP-93 Blu-ray player with the volume control of my Pioneer receiver.  The BDP-93 does not process digital audio (other than mute it; analog audio does allow control through the BDP-93).  Instead, the BDP-93 pushes digital audio 100% through a HDMI 4.0 cable to my Pioneer Media Receiver, which distributes it.   Question. Can Flirc be used to combine all the Oppo-93 commands with my Pioneer Media Receiver volume control?  If so, how would I go about it?  Links are welcome.


Thanks in advance. 

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I don't think so.


The easiest way to think of flirc is as a USB keyboard. If you can achieve what you want to achieve with a USB keyboard then you will be able to do so with Flirc, if not then flirc won't work.


I think what you want is a universal remote control (e.g. harmony remote) which allow you to control more than one device

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Hm... in theory yes.


The BD-Player needs the capability to be controlled via a usb keyboard.

In second you need to know the (keyboard) commands for mapping the flirc.

Then you can map the buttons from your pioneer remote to the keyboard commands of your oppo by using the general keyboard profile in the gui.


You can test this by plugging a standard usb keyboard into your bd player and check, if it responds to keypresses in any way.

If so, flirc should work.


You have also to keep in mind, that you have to use unused buttons from your pio remote to avoid unwanted reactions from your

av receiver.

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Thanks, Chris and Nobody0816, for your helpful responses.  


Yes, I've misunderstood Flirc.  It sounded great, and it is, but not as a universal remote (unless a keyboard's involved).


Again, my thanks for so quickly getting me out of this.  "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing" certainly applies to me!




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You asked before buying, thats the best way to avoid disapointment.


For me, first of all flirc is some kind of a replacement for classic wmc remote solutions, with much more flexibility.

But you can also use it a way beyond standard pc environment.

Nearly any device with an usb port dedicated for control input could respond to flirc.

Why not even bd players...?

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