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TV Remotes that don't overlap codes?


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Hi, I am setting up an XBMC media center on a mac without IR, and using FLIRC so that I can control it with a remote. I have an existing TV Remote, but it looks to be a bad idea to use that, since many of the buttons will do things on the TV.


If I just want a cheap IR remote, it seems like getting a different TV remote makes the most sense. However, since I don't want it to accidentally control my TV, what I want is a remote with no overlap with my current Sony TV remote. Is there any way to look this up, or any rules of thumb about manufacturers that would guide me in getting a unique remote? I don't need something crazy expensive and fancy like the harmony.

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It's not easy to find a remote, which gives you full functionality for both devices without


1. to be a universal remote or

2. overlaps functionality and interfere the second device


You can look for a dvd/ bd sony remote, which offers also tv functionality or vice versa.

In both ways you will probalby not have full functionality for the second device on the remote (tv or dvd/bd) in most cases


I know, that some older sony vcr remotes have some kind of mechanical switch to change the profile between vcr and tv, but they often are missing the navigation buttons (arrows)


So the best solution for you seems to be an universal remote. There are cheap fancy ones, like one4all, which will grant you the best remote experience.


As long as you have both devices in sight, using the same remote, you will always control these both devices with buttons/command related to both devices. There is no way to avoid this.


In my case, i use a silver ATV remote to control my xbmc. Small, sleek design and functional.

For enhanced commands like info, context menu, zoom etc. i'm using unused buttons from my tv remote, as long, as the long press feature is not implemented yet.

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