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Ok so I and many people have had this issue where we install Kodi via Windows, the problem resides in active window for the remote to work with kodi at all and the same goes for other OS as well, to bypass this I used VMware and installed the newest Ubuntu which I have only dedicated to running Kodi, now in removable devices for vmware flirc shows up and says disconnect from host connect to here and thus I select that, I used flirc gui to program the remote I want to use.  Now everything is all good I have dual monitor setup with my vmware running in one monitor and my windows 11 on another, the remote works flawlessly this way with kodi no matter what i do not have to select the vmware player to activate the flirc device for it to work, I can just press any key on the remote weather im playing a game on win11 and running my vmware it's awesome makes things way way easier like it supposed to be.  When doing in windows you have to alt tab and select the program that you want to use with flirc which would be kodi, running vmware ubuntu with kodi and flirc results in a much better experience in using the remotes, I can video what I mean if you don't understand for user's that experience this issue and you have resources hardware to share with your vm, most will use virtualbox as it's free but I find vmware much easier but it cost money

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