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Please, please: Autorepeat keypresses


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I am using flirc to control a self made media box. I found it really wonderful that I can omit all the hassles of configuration that normally special hardware requires in Linux.


Everything is great and the key assignment is super easy with the software, but there is one thing I miss greatly: I am using the control of my old media box and with that it was possible with one long press to navigate a list of titles just holding the key. Meaning the Cursor down or up functionality repeated automatically after a short while.


That is a function that not only is available on many remotes, but also keyboards have a autorepeat functionality.


Flirc has not, it seems.


Since Flirc emulates keystrokes, it is also not possible to emulate this behavior behind flirc in the application.


I think, that it really would be a big added value, to have it. You could make it optional for people that don't want the feature. But I don't see, why this feature is not available -- it makes the difference between a medium and a great remote.



Update: After I read in an other post, that auto repeat should work, I tried an other remote and that worked. But it seems to me, it is very dependent on the actual remote. I also don't understand, why the first remote did not work, since on the own device, autorepeat was no problem.


Update2: It now happens with the new remote, that every key autorepeats and it is just to fast for some keys. I tried to disable autorepeat with xset, but did not work. My keyboard gets autorepeat switched off by xset, but flirc is not. It is frustrating .... One remote does not autorepeat, the other to much .... what is going on?

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