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Keyboard key (action) mapped to more than 1 remote key


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This is an idea, not very important for me right now but could be convenient.

Let say you have a usual remote for some devices.

At the top of the remote you have few keys to choose the device to send the beam: TV, DVD, SAT, PLAYER, AUX...

First you press the device key and then press the action key to the selected device.


What is the purpose of the play, pause, fast forward, etc when you select TV? Nothing.

When you select PLAYEUR key the above keys are used to the right action for the player and mapped.

Note the codes are not the same when device selected is TV or PLAYER.

It could be usefull to map the play, pause, fast forward, etc to command the player with the both selected devices TV and PLAYER for example.


So, to be able to map 2 or (more ?) remote keys (different codes) to 1 keyboard key (action).


What do you think?

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Yes, you can. I don't see why you would. Also, I have never seen "PLAYER" as an option on a remote. Show me a remote that has it and I'm buying it though, because PLAYER.


Anyway, having the buttons programmed under TV mode would cause more issues than it would solutions, I think.  You would be able to Play/Pause while it is on the TV option but not have arrows or Enter programmed. So it would cause a lot of flipping back and forth and confusion.  You don't want to program your arrows and enter, menu, guide, or whatever, while in TV mode because then you can't use any of those to change settings on the TV set without messing with your PC.

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In my Denon remote, when I select Media Player, 4 arrows, Enter, |<, >|, Play/pause, page up/down are available as the AVR doesn't react.

It's depend on the type of remote.


If the feature exist you are free to use it or not.

If the feature doesn't exit you have no choice.


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Hmm.. gimme a clue!?

You describe a universal remote like a one4all etc.

Also there are remotes e.g. from tv sets, wich also contains the option to control one or two another devices, normally from the same manufacurer.

It makes no sense to me, to map more than one button to the same action when i'm able to switch between different profiles with a single press of a button!?

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