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my frankenstein htpc


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i built this over the past year with left over parts i come across. only thing i purchased for the htpc was the case and lcd panel.

asus m2n-e motherboard

amd 5200 cpu

5gb ddr2-800 ram

64gb g2 ssd for windows 7 install and xbmc

640gb western digital black (has ubuntu w/ xbmc on it, i dual boot via bios until i decide which way i want to go)

1.5tb samsung drive (movies)

nmediapc 6000b case (cheapest with full atx support) and the pro-lcd

avermedia ultratv 1500 mce (going to replace with a digital tuner for ota hdtv)

tv is a 6 year old winbook t37

receiver is a 5 year old philips htib

logitech harmony 650

lenovo n5902a (to control the computer until my flirc shows up)

both OS's are running xbmc 10.1

lcd panel is working in windows with the mplay software, haven't tried configuring it in xbmc yet.




next purchases will be a new tv and receiver

i then have to build 3 more of these for the other rooms in the house....

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