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Marantz Remote and Flirc - love hate


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Hi guys.


Just received my Flirc today and I started playing with it right away, but I learned it's a love hate relationship.


I planned to use it with my Marantz remote, which has a lot of buttons available and only a handful of useful ones. However, it didn't really work. I think a couple random buttons were picked up, but otherwise, no movement. I have very little info on the Marantz remote, but I would be happy to do some debugging if I could get some pointers to how should I proceed.


As a side note, the Sony Bravia remote works great, but it collides with the TV. I'm going to see if I can switch off some functionality from the TV, but I'm not really sure if it's possible.






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What profile in the gui are you using?

The keyboard mapping in the gui is a QWERTY mapping, which might not fit to your regional settings from your system.

So you program functions, which might cause unwanted funtionality due to this fact.

E.g. you want to program "Z" for a button on your remote, but in fact you get the "Y" key (like on a german system keyboard) bound to the flirc, which interprets a different command.

This is only for the full keyboard mapping in the gui. All other templates like xbmc etc are working correct.


Furthermore your marantz remote might send untypical remote commands, e.g. you press a button and it sends a command and by releasing the button it sends again the same or another command.

You can check this, if you point the remote towards your handy cam and look at the flashing bulb in front of your remote. Then compare this with other remotes, like your sony remote.

Is there a difference you can notice?

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Hi Nobuddy!

I've programmed it using the Linux shell commands, so I don't think it has anything to do with regional settings, but it might use a custom propriatery method of sending commands, because Flirc doesn't seem to pick up many buttons at all.

I'll try the camera thing tonight and see how it works ;)

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As i understand your description, the buttons from your marantz remote will be captured by flirc randomly.

so sometimes the same button works and sometimes not?

Or are there a couple of buttons are working with flirc and some other not at all?


So the test with your handy will show you, if the remote response to the button at all or not.

Or even a button will flash the remote randomly/ constantly.


I'm looking forward for the result ;)

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Ok, just made some tests. I've tried the Sony remote, the Apple remote and the Marantz one. Sony and Apple are kind of the same, but the Marantz seems to have at least 3 pulses (where the other ones had just one), so it's clearly sending out totally different signals.


With the Marantz remote, when I try to record a key, only 2 or 3 buttons are picked up by Flirc (constantly, from what I can tell)

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