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Problem with pioneer receiver VSX-1122 - Remote AXD7664


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I have bough flirc in order to use it with my pioneer remote that controls my receiver and other devices. I have program BD(blu ray)  as a pioneer blu ray player and then I used the flirc software to program the buttons on the remote. When I do that i am getting messages from flirc that the buttons were programmed before but this is not the case. I programmed the 4 arrows with no problem. When I try to program the enter and back button using the return and the enter button from my remote I am getting a message button already exists. I cleared all the configuration from flic software but I am still getting the same message. 


When I get in XBMC either the return button works or the enter button since I am erasing the button that is giving me the message but flirc seems that is deleteing and the other button. When I erase the return on  my remote end then I erase the enter button it says that the button is already erased.


Do you guys have any clue what is going on??

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What?  The first step here is for you to retype this, please.


Only 1 button, either Return ("back" on the XBMC remote I assume.  Maybe try using the full keyboard) or Enter, will work at a time?


From what I can gather your remote seems to send a pre-signal to your Pioneer device establishing it as a Pioneer signal. There would then be a second part of that signal which tells the device what to do.  I believe Flirc doesn't compensate for this.  


I could be wrong, this may have been fixed awhile ago and I'm not keeping up.  But that's what seems to be happening in this case.





More info is needed,  starting with what device and accompanying remote.

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