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forum.flirc.tv might not be the best place to post this, but it does look like you guys can be tech capable, so Ill try it out. So , Im working as being a novice computer technician at [sUSPECTED SPAM LINK REMOVED] Las Vegas Computer Repair and my mentor has put me to a test. I've a pc that I'm taking care of and youtube is blocked. I am uncertain how my teacher did this, so as part of my test to obtain this job, I must be able to figure out how to get back in.Somebody suggested that the firewall might be blocked. Any more ideas plz? Thanks in advance!


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Find a big magnet and run it down the side of the PC tower.  This will reset user config settings and wipe out his "road block", allowing you to access Youtube.

If you dont have a magnet powerful enough, I suggest deleting the System 32 folder. This should, upon restart, set  the Firewall and any other setting they have back to default, allowing for you to be able to view Youtube.

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I bet it's a physical block.  You might be able to get around it if you know how to crimp a network cable.

  • Make sure you have an RJ-11 end for your network cable to replace 
  • Unplug your network cable
  • cut the end off
  • unwind the "twisted pairs"
  • Find the one with a white stripe
  • Peel it back, away from the others
  • Place all of the other cables back into the new RJ-11 prong 
  • Crimp that end down
  • Plug it back in

White = RCA video.  Removing that connection will allow you to circumvent any firewall setting saved in your NIC chipset that is related to video.  Since your monitor and the PC are still able to communicate, your video will display and, of course, audio will not have been affected because your sound card has no firewall.

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