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Dare I say it the Chromecast looks really good... shame I can't get XBMC on it

Not to hijack this guy's thread further, but if that thing works decently with my tablet's chrome, it may be worthwhile.  Then it would be like Yatse + XBMC but without having to boot up my dang FrankenPC.




Nevermind, not seeing anything to just stream videos from my network through my tablet and onto the device.


Oh wait what?  We need a whole thread about that thing so people understand what it is.  Chris can you do that and move these posts there so we can leave this guy's setup thread alone?  lol

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Yeah,  I've fallen for some of the Deadpool comics.  


And yeah, probably not much to do with Flirc, that's why I wanted it out of there because it definitely had nothing to do with that guy's Show Off thread.  haha



So people understand though,  Chromecast does not stream media from your device, your device basically sends a URL to the chromecast and the dongle uses that URL to stream the attached video off of the web by itself.


I'm looking into if I could grab a URL from media I have on a local NAS and have it stream that.

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