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Hey Guys,


Just got Flirc and its great fun.


Programmed it up easily using Manufacturer: Samsung

Device: LN46C650L1F


All buttons programmed using the XBMC Controller.


The only button is Power.

When I press the power button on the remote my TV/AMP and everything turns off but not XBMC.


I am using OpenELEC.


How do I program the power button?


I tried using the power button on the XBMC controller and then pressing the power button on the remote activity but it doesnt work.

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It is possible.


You're probably going to have to mess about with the keyboard.xml file. I'm enjoying the surprisingly nice British weather today so not really at my computer for long.

In the meantime, does this thread help? :


If not post back and i'll help when I'm back at my computer  :)

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I just did this for openelec.


Need to create a new file on the openelec system here:




And add the following



Where <s></s> is your programmed key to perform shutdown. In this case i used "s".


I also set shutdown to suspend in XBMC so it can powered back on via the remote.



I was unsure what key is set when using shutdown from the FLIRC GUI using the XBMC controller, so i just mapped the shutdown to "s" using the keyboard controller in the GUI.

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This is what I want. I want to be able to turn off my TV using the power button when under the aux device button (programmed to XBMC). How can I do that? When I select the power button on the control through the Harmony website I am not given the option to assigning the button to my TV the way I am with the volume buttons. Any help? Thank you.


Also, any chance of making "menu" the home button? I'm on a Rasperry Pi by the way.

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