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XBMC Harmony profile not working with Windows 10 PC


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I purchased Flirc USB to replace an old Microsoft eHome USB infrared receiver that I used with my custom build Windows 10 PC. My PC does not have Bluetooth. I use a Logitech Harmony Smart Control remote and have created 3 Harmony Hub activities using 4 devices: Microsoft Media PC SE, Microsoft Media Player, AVR and TV. I have customised the buttons on my remote for each activity. After installing the Flirc Windows software, I updated to the latest available firmware and confirmed that all built-in profiles have been selected. Within my Harmony Hub, I added the Flirc Media Player as a device using XBMC as the device model number. I also tried using Kodi and Flirc Media Center PC as the device model number. In all cases, my Harmony remote was able to control my AVR and TV but had no effect on my PC. I tried relocating the Flirc USB receiver from a UBS port in the back of my PC case to one in the front but this didn't change anything. 

I'm hoping I missed something and don't have to change any of the above-mentioned devices within my Harmony Hub activities as this would mean recreating the activates from scratch and resetting all of the custom remote buttons.

If anyone has any helpful suggestions I'd love to hear them.



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Missing info re: no bluetooth
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