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Possible to open Netflix (or YouTube, etc.) by default, using Fire TV with Universal Remote MX-780?


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Hi all,

Sorry if this was asked before- I searched but did not find anything to help me.

I "managed" to program the Flirc USB to operate Fire TV stick, using Roku commands programmed into my Universal Remote MX-780.

Everything works as it should.

The Fire TV came with a basic remote, without "Netflix" or "YouTube" buttons.

However, I see that Amazon now sells Fire TV remotes that have those buttons.

For now, I programmed the "YouTube" command as a macro that has all power commands for my equipment and then calls for "1 sec. delay, home, Right x 3, enter", because the app is located first in the front row.

However, this is a long command, so I would  to have more "elegant" solution ...if at all possible.


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I thought all Fire TV remotes had the Netflix button. It’s surprising to find out some of them don’t. And it seems that this is the only way you can use this command.
I doubt there is an easier way to write this command, but I am not a professional and might be wrong. I have not been watching regular Netflix for a long time because of the quality of content and the prices. I prefer using ซีรี่ย์ Netflix instead because they have more movies there, and I can choose whatever one I want. It’s not cool to be a pirate, but sometimes I just do not have any choice. If the company offered better prices, I would think about subscribing.

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