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How to prepare your Harmony Remote before Mapping it with FLIRC?


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How to prepare your Harmony Remote before Mapping it with FLIRC?

Hi guys, best thing to do is add a one of these 2 TV profiles to your Harmony remote,

example either a Panasonic TC-P65VT30 or SAMSUNG LN46C650L1F!!

And of course, dont choose the same TV brand you own.

i tested both of these TV profile and they work %100!!

No repeat key issues and if you hold down left or right arrow, it'll scroll fast!!

then using the HARMONY desktop software or MyHarmony.com

just make sure to not leave buttons un'asssigned on your chosen TV profile

becuz if u do, those un'assigned buttons wont be map'able using FLIRC's GUI!

So dont go crazy here, the point is simply to assign actions to buttons on your remote,,

which action it is and on which buttons its assigned FLIRC doesnt care!

Like i said, your official map'ing will be done using FLIRC's GUI anyways!

and also, make sure to not assign the same action twice here!!

So use different actions for each buttons!

this will prevent the famous 'Button already exists' error from showing up

when you'll configure your harmony using FLIRC's GUI!

Happy Mapping!! :)

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Im having some trouble getting things setup maybe you guys could help. I have a Harmony one. I added the Panasonic tv as suggested. Now when I go to my activity of watch movies I cant control XBMC but if I choose devices and choose the Panasonic it works. How do I get it to control when in the activity.

Thanks for any help.

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Welcome to the forums,

You should be able to program Flirc to recognise the buttons on your remote (programmed as a panosonic device) then it will work.

Unless that wasn't what you were asking - if not can you try explaining it in a different way?



I figured it out. When I initially programmed it I did it under the tv instead of programming it when I was in the activity.

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i tested both of these TV profile and they work %100!!

No repeat key issues and if you hold down left or right arrow, it'll scroll fast!!

I followed your guide exactly and used the Panasonic profile, but I have more repeat key issues than I had on my generic MCE IR. Any tips on getting this working like yours? :). Btw, I'm also using a 650, and I dropped the 2 delay types for the Panasonic device to 0.


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I have finally bought a Harmony 300 but I can't get it to work smoothly with Flirc.

With my other remote from a Hauppauge DVB tuner card, I have to program

twice each button, but afterwards it is silky smooth.

With the Harmony 300, OTOH, using the SAMSUNG LN46C650L1F profile, since

my TV is a Panasonic, there is too much delay between key presses. Reducing

Flirc's interkey_delay helps a little bit but not enough.

Using a Sony KDL-55HX855 profile the behavior is slightly different. The delay

between key presses is shorter, smoother, but there is another noticeable delay

before every key press. The result is that you notice a delay between the instant you

press a button and the instant the action is executed on screen.

Since the Hauppauge remote (which uses the RC5 protocol), after programming

each key twice, is silky smooth, I tried using its profile on the Harmony. I used

the IR receiver on the bottom of the Harmony to copy the IR codes of the Hauppauge


Then I configured Flirc with this new profile, also programming each key twice, but

there's still a noticeable delay before each key press.

I have also tried playing with Flirc's sensitivity and interkey_delay options but there

was not improvement.

I wonder if there is any way to get the same silky smooth response I get with the

Hauppauge remote (with RC5 protocol), after programming twice each button,

with the Harmony 300?

Otherwise it will be another botched purchase.

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At the moment Flirc uses a "best fit" approach for detected when the user holds down the button or presses it quickly.

I embedded a response from Jason describing it some more: //forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/220-better-support-for-multipleheld-down-keypresses/

Another thing to investigate would be using myharmony.com to program the remote as an MCE remote, something like:

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Device: MCE Keyboard

Though the gap between packets sent by the harmony may be a setting set my logitech and Hauppauge decided to go for something different (even if they both emit the same packets). In more expensive harmony remotes inter key delay can be changed but I don't think it can in the cheaper ones (unfortunately).

Sorry if I made you buy a harmony 300 unnecessarily, I have a harmony 300 and find it great (I use the panasonic profile), whilst the scrolling isn't absolutely perfect it's better than my TV and other devices I have so i'm happy with my flirc.

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I will try using an MCE profile and report back.

Indeed, you can´t change that setting on the Harmony 300i.

I can´t say it doesn´t work. It does, but after having used a remote which is buttery smooth, you do

notice the difference, like going from a 2.x to a JellyBean (4.1) Android ROM.

I like the Harmony but unless I can make it work as smooth as the remote bundled with the tuner,

I know I won´t use it.

Concerning Jason´s post describing how Flirc is coded, I know in LIRC you can configure the gap

between button presses. Once configured you don´t have this sort of problem. That is, it is something

which has already been done within LIRC; it can be adjusted to work reliably with quite different remotes.

I´d love to help him getting it right, but the code within Flirc´s firmware is closed, so only he can do it.

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I know what you mean with project butter - you don't notice it until you have it and look back. I think I understand better what you mean now regarding flirc.

Progress on newer versions of Flirc isn't as quick due to Jason being the main developer (as you mentioned), however if you are really unhappy with Flirc get in contact with Jason and i'm sure he'll sort something out - he wants you to be happy with flirc.

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It's exactly the same feeling. Right now, with the Harmony, if I quickly press, say 6 times

the right button, after I have lifted my finger the last time I still see on screen three right

button events.

Wheres with the Hauppauge RC5 remote, with each key configured twice which doesn't allow

me to use all the keys due to lack of space, if I do the same, press six times the right button,

when I lift my finger the last time, nearly at the same time (I think it is less than 50ms) the sixth

right button event completes on screen.

The lag is there and it is noticeable.

Sigh. I'm not unhappy with Flirc, on the contrary, I love it, but I still lack a complete solution.

I'll get in contact with Jason then. Thanks for the support.

By the way, I tried the MCE profile and the problem remains. I'm beginning to think that

pretty much everybody here is having these delays, only they don't know it can behave

much better.

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