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How to command computer to open a program? (XBMC)


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 While this does work, it has the issue of opening a second instance of whatever program you use it for. I'm at work and haven't tested it with XBMC, but I did try it with another program I have here on my desktop at the moment.


This is why I am a proponent of the "Win+1" method (replace 1 with whatever number the program is on your taskbar at the bottom, for me Plex is the first program I have after the Start button).  This combo will start up that program and if you hit it while in it it will do one of two things: 1) bring up the taskbar so you can move your mouse around and bring up another program if you want, or 2) if there is a popup like Anti-Virus programs like to do pressing this key again will bring your XBMC or whatever back to the front.

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Hi Chris,

   My first post here. I know there must be an answer to this but I have been poking around in the forum now for a while and haven't found it. How can this be done on Ubuntu (Mint 14) ? :blink:


Thanks very much for your time.


Brand new Flirc user.


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Took a while to try this, wasted a bunch of time on a BIOS upgrade :P


Works perfect! Assigned F2 to open Spotify program. Then assigned key on my Harmony 610 using Flirc software. Sweet!

Looks like Flirc is going to do more than I expected. Lovin' it!

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