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Cideko Air Keyboad, How to ?


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I recently purchased a Flirc USB dongle to replace the dongle of the Cideko Air Keyboard remote.
This one does not work properly with my media center (under windows 10) the direction keys (up, down, right, left) and media keys (volume, play, stop...) are not recognized.

I hope to replace the dongle with the Flirc one but when I try to program it, it recognizes the direction keys (up, down, right, left) and the media center commands (volume, pause, stop...) but I can't make it recognize the keyboard letters ? Why ?

I don't know how to make it recognise the mouse-like keys (right click and left click)? No Controller on the software has these keys, right ?

Here is a site where you can have a look at this remote control (it's not the same dongle):


The company no longer exists

Thanks for your help


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