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i have a xbmcuntu setup for my home theatre pc.i just got my flirc and mostly it works well.im trying to use the file manager to copy files from a flash drive to a usb hard drive.there is no context menu button on the remote.the xbmc wiki says "Select the files that you wish to work with. Then, press the C or  Win button on keyboard or guide on the remote".

can someone tell me how to setup a guide button on flirc ?

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Hi selfdetruct, welcome to the forums,


Switch to "fully keyboard" controller:



Then choose the button on your remote that you want to be the contextual menu button, map this to "c"


Does this answer your question?

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The way long presses are treated depends largely on your remote, and a bit on the firmware you're using as well.  I can tell you that on my remote, I had no need for the channel buttons when controlling my XBMC box, so I assigned them to PageUp/PageDown so I could quickly navigate large lists in XBMC like your describing. My remote doesn't send long keypress info on some buttons, so this is what has worked best of me.

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