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How to setup FLIRC to be a standard Windows MCE (RC6) receiver?


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I have followed the directions here (which are a bit out of date) and got to the illustration of a Windows MCE remote (not shown in the help topic) with the injunction "Click a key to start recording".  What does this mean?  Windows MCE remotes have a standardized set of keys and corresponding signals.  What key should I press? What needs to be recorded?


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Having realized that that was the only way, I clicked each button in the above diagram in turn and then fed the appropriate IR remote signal  into the FLIRC USB. Since the Microsoft WMC RC6 remote control has standardized key codes, I would have expected these to be already included in the profile. I would have preferred that, because I know from my experience with programming various universal remotes and emulators that programmed codes are more reliable than learned ones. In fact, at least three of the learned keys don't work (there may be more that I haven't yet discovered). The three keys are play, pause and stop, obviously important functions.  The FLIRC GUI reported all of them as successfully recorded.  How can I get them to work?

The FLIRC Microsoft WMC profile has 8 buttons fewer than the remote I got with my FSC Scaleo E (see attached photo). In particular, the colored buttons (red, yellow, green and blue) in the FLIRC Microsoft WMC profile appear to have been combined with the media selection buttons. These are separate on my RC6 remote and I have outlined them in orange on the attached photo.  The buttons that are completely missing are outlined in red.  How can I add the missing buttons to my FLIRC profile?

This help page mentions a FLIRC WMC profile as do the FLIRC GUI Advanced settings.  However, no such option appears in the GUI's "Controllers" drop-down list.  Would this profile be a better match for my needs?  If so, how can I invoke it?


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Trying to resolve this on my own, I came across this old post. Is this still true?  If so, it belongs in the manual. I find a lot of old, but recurring posts about problems with FLIRC emulating an RC6 MCE receiver.  Is this still the case?  The manual entry claims that everything is fine, but that does not correspond to my experience. I am using an Xsight Touch to emulate the RC6 MCE remote pictured above, because my HTPC runs MediaPortal, which understands RC6 MCE OOTB.  Would I be better off using a different profile?  This would be a pain because I would have to program every key three times: once on my Xsight Touch, once in FLIRC GUI and again in MediaPortal.

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