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Newb Question - Flirc Initial Use Setup


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HI All - I just got my Flirc yesterday and am having a bit of trouble.

Setup: Apple TV is connected through HDMI to Dell Monitor with audio out connected to PC Speakers (all working). Using Windows 10 x64.

Goal: The only piece missing is using Flirc to control PC volume via AppleTV Remote.

Problem: Apple TV Remote can "learn volume control" but needs another remote already set up to copy the remote instructions as you push volume control buttons through I/R.

I have the Flirc software installed and know where the media keys programming setup is, but i'm not sure what the Flirc USB is teaching since no remote is connected to PC.

Can Flirc teach this behavior to Apple TV Remote on it's own, or do I need to set up a pre-existing remote (like harmony) to learn the code to then teach the apple remote?  If I can teach apple remote on it's own, how would I pair Apple Remote with Windows to connect with Flirc to teach behavior?  

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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