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Add Support for Xbox Media Remotes

Josh D

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I purchased a Flirc about a year ago because I occasionally need to test Xbox media remotes with software I write for Xbox One or Xbox |X|S devices. Since an Xbox in developer mode has an annoying restriction in that most DRM-protected video content will not stream, I often test the software on Windows 10 for a more realistic development environment. With that said, I needed some kind of IR receiver for my PC so it could listen for key presses and decided I would try out Flirc. Unfortunately, I bought the device before realizing that Xbox Media Remotes are not supported.

Nonetheless, it seems that the Flirc is able to detect keypresses on these remotes, but it doesn't know what key is being pressed. Most of the key presses register as a "9" and I imagine this has something to do with the unique data the remotes send. Even on the client-side of the software I write, it has to listen for those keypresses in a different way than it would, for example, a keyboard. Which media button is pressed is not noted by a keycode, but with a button number according to the following enum documented by Microsoft:

SystemMediaTransportControlsButton Enum (Windows.Media) - Windows UWP applications | Microsoft Docs

As a suggestion, perhaps support for the remotes could be added in one or both of the following ways:

Suggestion 1: Map the button numbers 0-9 to a pseudo key code with an arbitrarily high number. ex: "1" => "1001", "2" => "1002", etc...

Suggestion 2: Add a feature to the Firc app to allow custom mapping of the data the device receives. This would log the full data received by the device and allow the user to map certain fields in it to another key code. It might also be useful in cases where one would like to emulate on one remote the keypresses of other remotes that the user does not have.

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