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RPi 4 Case: ?any files as a starting point for 3D printing new components


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TL;DR: Noob requesting advice ?what's a good way to modify a FLIRC Raspberry Pi 4 case that'd contain an always-on Raspberry Pi 4 running nextcloudpi server, attached to an SSD and with a UPS HAT

Ability level: monkey-see monkey-do (youtube or good documentation for the layperson).
Project progress/existing commitments: purchased RPi4 + FLIRC case.

Dear all,

I'd like to make a nextcloud server and gradually progress away from the google ecosystem. Ultimately I envisage this would have an off-site mirror, and an off-site backup, with some mechanism to switch between the two mirrors if one went down. I'd like to start in a case which would house a UPS HAT (seeking something with good documentation or tutorials, or a reputation for being user-friendly), as well as a 1TB SSD.

I wish to provide good passive cooling despite constant use. In an ideal world I'd like to have space to hold some kind of 4G modem compatible with the RPi 4. In order to avoid putting anything HAT-related in the place of the FLIRC heat-sink, I hope ultimately to use a Pisugar 2 Pro UPS (https://www.tindie.com/products/pisugar ... pi-3b3b4b/)

Please may I ask if there are any CAD files I might be able to edit in order to construct the underside of the case such that it can accommodate these bits underneath my raspberry pi? (or any other suggestions for how to house them neatly within the same enclosure would be gratefully received!)

Yours faithfully, and with thanks for consideration,

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