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Remote Buddy Public Beta 2 - Apple Remote Silver 3rd Gen


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Dear remote friends, my search / research has come finally to an end.

My original problem:
I'm running Kodi on a Mac Mini late 2012.

And for a year now I've been having constant crashes in the IR module. 

This is shown in Kodi by the remote control not working anymore. Only a complete reboot helps (via mouse)
That disturbed me tremendously.

I searched, read and finally found no solution.

An Apple update also removed the IR disable function from the control panel
I didn't want a Kebyord.xml mapping and I really wanted to continue using the Apple Remote. (As it was with KODI and the IR Module from Apple)
Unfortunately I could not solve the mapping with the FLIRC GUI satisfactorily.

My final and functional solution:
FLIRC USB GEN 2 with Remote Buddy 2 Public Beta.
This combination works perfectly. Just like it worked before the bugs and system updates.

The only additional thing I had to do was to disable the IR Receiver via terminal.

The command would be:
To check if IR support is disabled, run the following command:
sudo defaults read /Library/Preferences/com.apple.driver.AppleIRController DeviceEnabled

If the result is not '0', you have to disable it.

To disable IR, run the following command:
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.driver.AppleIRController DeviceEnabled -bool FALSE


So the 4 simple steps are
- Buy FLIRC 2nd Gen USB Device
- Buy Remote Buddy v2 License
- Deactivate IR on the Mac Mini Device
- Install Remote Buddy and activate it for KODI

Many thanks to Jason for the FLIRC and Felix Schwarz for the great update of Remote Buddy.

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