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Controller "XBMC" Map


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I looked for a few for this but cant seem to find it so please don't kill me if its under some sticky or faq.


The controller option for XBMC in the GUI, does anyone know specifically how these are mapped?


For instance on here: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboar

Mute, and Parent Folder are not an option so which keys are used?





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I didn't use the GUI Mappings went straight to the keyboard and mapped it according to the 2nd link for my Harmony. I also mapped the C key to the + to get access to the context menu and the W key to the E key on the Harmony. I know you may not have one but the 2nd lik I found gives some pretty good ideas about how best to get the remote to a usable config.



Good Luck

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I figured out everything but I have some more suggestions because of the 45 minute battle going from my Win7 box to my XBMCubuntu host. Some sort of configuration validation is needed and the fact the config is not written on XML is mind blowing.

Basically the USB keyboard driver would crash as soon as the remote sent its first command. I had to catch the input buffer to see it happen. So after flushing the config and re-setting up all the hard buttons and the 15 custom maps I got it working.

It seems solid now, I still also stand behind my recommendation/suggestion for playback in the GUI so a user doesn't need a notepad document open to diagnose button mapping.

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