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Inter-Key delay on Flirc 2


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I'm new to FLIRC and have created a configuration to control my Internet TV Box. The manufacturer is Free Telecom (France)  and the Model is POP Player.
The player is running Androis OS. I want to use it with a Logitech Harmony universal remote (hub based).
The player's original remote is Bluetooth. The player does NOT have an IR port, but has a USB port so I can plug-in the FLIRC receiver.

I have created an activity on the Harmony using the following devices:

  • NVidia Shield
  • Free Telecom Freebox Mini 4K (this is an older TV box, also Android based, that had an integrated IR receiver

Here is why I use both devices:

  • The NVIDIA Shield profile can control most buttons using Bluetooth, including Power On / Power Off
  • However the NVIDIA Shield profile does not allow to use the Favorite Channel screen on the Harmony. This is because Logitech has declared the NVIDIA Shield as a game controller rather than TV device.
  • The Freebox Mini 4K device, on the other hand is declared as a TV capable device, and therefore allows to use the Favorite Channel screen.
  • This is the device that is used to change channels.

So with this activity, the changing of channels is going through the FLIRC while the rest of the commands is using Bluetooth.

Now, here is my issue:
For changing channels, most of the time I need to press the key twice, the first key press does not seem to be taken into account.
For channel numbers with 2 or 3 digits, it usually only show the last digit. For exmaple, if I press the favorite for channel 54, it only send 4 to the receiver.

I have tried to change the repeat delays on the Logitech Harmony eDevice Freeebox Mini 4K, but none of the 4 available settings fixed the issue correctly.

I read about the FLIRC inter-key delay, but this setting sends ut the message: N/A for current firmware

Is there any way I can tweak the inter-key delay on the FLIRC to fix my issue ?
Does it require another version of firmware ? I'm currently on 4.9.3



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