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"Transfer Error" setting up Hauppauge 45 button remote


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Reconfiguring things with my home setup and was planning to use a Hauppauge 45 button remote with Flirc on an RPi to control Kodi.  I actually had a saved configuration file from 4-5 years ago for this which I loaded, but none of the remote buttons worked.

So I installed the latest Flirc s/w (v3.25.3) and loaded the latest f/w in my gen1 Flirc (v3.11.0).  I select a Kodi keyboard controller and when to start programming the keys with the Hauppauge 45 button remote.  But ever button I press on the remote during the setup results in "Transfer Error" message showing briefly in the black window on the bottom of the GUI.

Any thoughts?



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The wheels keep turning, had a thought that I'd at least prove the Flirc still works (it's been in a box for a couple years) so I grabbed a remote that's in use in another room (Popcorn Hour A110 remote) and was going to set that up for Kodi.  Same "Transfer Error" message.  So I went and grabbed the Harmony 650 from the Family room, same error.

Is this some stupid Windohs 10 UAC or similar setting issue?

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