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Sony RM ED009 TV Controller Not Powering Off.


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I am a new Flirc user and have set up this old Sony controller to run my librelec Kodi on an old TV where the remote is missing.  I have only done simple single press programming so far and got stuck because I cannot get the on off button to work (not for the tv but for the kodi setup).  Have tried three times now and each time it tells me it has registered the button but it does not work.  I assumed it would take me to the exit options window in Kodi but it does nothing.  Is it something I have done or is it an issue with FLIRC?


Also, is there a way to print off a correlation table to show what I have programmed where?  I know most of the buttons are obvious but some are not and it would be helpful to have a crib sheet to remind me and others which button does what.

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