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Buying Advice Needed: Plex + Nvidia Shield Android TV Subtitle Toggle


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hi folks,

I have the newest model nvidia shield and i control it via a logitech harmony remote. I do almost all of my content consumption in Plex. To that end, I have a couple of questions:

1) Is it possible, with FLIRC, to get it so that I can hit a button on my logitech remote to toggle the subtitles without having to go into the Plex UI and navigate manually? I ask because I used flirc back in the day with my windows based HTPC and it worked great. I'm not sure if this is a plex issue or an android tv issue so I really want to make sure it works for my specific situation.

2) If the answer is yes to the first one - would I need to configure all of my activities and such that are tied to my shield or would i do something else? My Harmony is currently connected as a "harmony Keyboard".


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1) yes you can.  Plex can use keyboard shortcuts just like Kodi, so just open up the Flirc's keyboard interface and program the keys/commands you want to use.  Here's a list for your reference:


in full disclosure I've only done this with Kodi so far (most of the keys/commands are identical), and programmed "subs on/off" to a short press and "next sub" to a long press of the same key and it works great.

2) You would need to program the Flirc for as few/many keyboard commands as you want (so just 2-5 if all you want is full control over subs,) then add the flirc to whatever activities would use plex on the shield, and then finally "teach" the remote's buttons to the Harmony.

Let me know if that's not clear, good luck

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