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When I bought my FLIRC it was advertised as compatible with "almost any remote control".  However, after I purchased a XFINITY XR2 remote and failed to get it working, I found this forum and learned that many remotes don't work with FLIRCs.  I really think that a compatibility guide needs to be created.  A lot of people (like me) bought FLIRCs to put together DVR/PVR systems in lieu of purchasing  expensive retail systems.  The whole purpose of this is defeated when each of us have to keep purchasing remotes in order to find one that works.  That said, I think a compatibility guide that could be referenced in the marketing and manuals would be a very good idea.  This forum is the obvious place for it to reside.  I can't afford to buy a bunch of remotes, but I would be willing to test any remote people send me and report the results for inclusion in a compatibility guide.


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