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Cannot Update Firmware on my Flirc


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Hi all,

I hope someone can help me.

I purchased my Flirc 2nd gen (metal one) about a year ago to use with my shield tv and logitech harmony remote. Been running fine until recently, I decided to upgrade the firmware on the flirc but I cant. I updated the software on my PC (running latest version of Windows 10) to the latest Flirc but I get an invalid SKU remark and the device is disconnected in the Flirc app. I have attached a screenshot and a copy of the log as well.

The Flirc device is working, Windows is detecting it and I can see it listed under devices.

I tried it on different USB ports but it made no difference.




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Man I'm wondering the same thing. I have 3 Flircs one new one and 2 older ones. The 2 older ones are the ones giving me there error.


error 1.jpg

error 2.jpg

error 3.jpg

Version is still the same after the update which says it was a success!

Why isn't there a direct link to the updated firmware in support? The option to manually update FW is there in the UI?

Had that available maybe we could fix our own damn problem!

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