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Kodi stops responding to remote during video or live TV after a random amount of time


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Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

I've just set up a new new Kodi install on Ubuntu 18.03 LTS.  Used to be on Windows 7, worked fine.
Since moving, and inadvertantly upgrading the firmware, I have encountered issues during playback of a video (movoe, TV show) and live TV. 
Initally I can use the remote (Harmony 650 with FLIRC dori) to pause, step forward, step backward, etc, but if I leave the video to play for a while, kodi no longer responds to the remote, or keyboard. 
I have replicated this on a laptop, where, oddly, it responds to the USB mouse ok but not the same remote and FLIRC or even the built-in keyboard.

I did discover that by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del brings up the Ubuntu lock screen dialog successfully, and if I cancel that manually after a few seconds, the remote starts to work again for a while.

Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
Kodi 18.4
FLIRC firmware 4.9.3

I tried some verbose logging, but there didn't appear to be anything in the logs that correlates with the remote stopping working.

When I used the TV remote (Sony Bravia remote, RMT-TX300E) and mapped most of the keys to the kodi profile, I couldn't replicate the issue, so seems to be affecting my Harmony remote only.

I would like to downgrade my firmware to its shipped version if possible please - I couldn't find it only anywhere, so can you PM me a link or something?


Thanks in advance



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Some additional information has come to light when looking at the Kodi debug logs.  

Normally when a button press on the remote is received by Kodi from FLIRC, the log will show something like this:

HandleKey: p (0xf050) pressed, action is Play

But during the time when the remote is unresponsive, the equivalent button press is logged like this:

HandleKey: meta-p (0x20f050) pressed, action is


Also logged are the keyboard scancodes - these change too.  Almost like a key is stuck?  Please see the full debug log https://paste.kodi.tv/rewaxuvuvo.kodi



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