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Support for URC Digital R50?


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I'm about to pull the trigger for this device, but was wondering if anyone was using FLIRC in conjunction with the URC Digital R50 remote. Would like to know before if it is completely compatible. Also, was wondering if there are any "challenges" on the XBMCUbuntu platform.

Thank you all in advance. Hope to be a regular here soon :)

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Hi brianoh,

I'm not aware of anyone using it but as it's a universal remote the chances of it working well are greatly increased. It emits I/R which is what flirc needs and you can change i/r codes to get it working well. I would go so far as to say it will work.

If you're not sure what device to set for Flirc we reccommend TV's as they have a good repeat rate for when a key is held down. For example if you have a Samsung TV, set your remote to a panasonic TV (so it doesn't mess with your TV)

Also, was wondering if there are any "challenges" on the XBMCUbuntu platform.

Nope, it appears as a USB keyboard, XBMCUbuntu understands USB keyboards just fine :)

You may want to do the one-time programming on another computer with a GUI:

Hope this helps,

Pleasant reagrds,

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Never used the R50 but I second everything Chris! said. I have a URC RF20 and it does a great job with flirc on my XBMCbuntu box. If you're at all used to a command line and interacting with XBMCbuntu over ssh, I actually prefer to program my flirc from the CLI, but using the GUI on another system is a nice alternative as well. If you run into any trouble just post about it here and I'm sure we'll be able to get you sorted.

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