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Hi, and may I say thank goodness you guys created this awesome little device.....

Without it, many including myself would be swearing buggery murder. Why did apple remove the little IR from this machine, who knows... And how many thought that the Apple TV remote 4 would work via bluetooth *&£%!@

I miss having complete function of how my little apple silver old fashioned remote worked/responded... so my question/request is this, may I have an option to choose/select my little silver apple remote from the options...

Thank you =D


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I agree that this remote should have a dedicated profile, since Apple must have sold millions of them - but am still curious about a few things:

  • Which exact model is this?
  • What machine is the FLIRC device plugged into?
  • What application are you trying to control with it?  
  • Are you able to use it with FLIRC right now?  (If not, can you make it work by using the Fire TV, nvidia shield or Kodi template in the FLIRC configurator app?)

I have an Apple A1156 remote that does work with FLIRC and should also get its own profile since it was included with all Macintosh computers that were sold when this remote was new.


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